The Community Good News Warehouse is home to all things “good news.” We have collected and created all the stories, videos, photos, and blogs of the really cool people, places and things in our community. You’ve found your new home! Here is where you can keep up with what’s goin going on in your neck of the woods. There is information for everyone – not a category we don’t cover!

Buckle up, because we couldn’t do this without the support of a couple of companies you are about to meet below.

Who is that really cool logo?! That is InfoHub Studios! They are the backbone of The Community Good News Warehouse! No really… They produce all of the original content you see on this site. We couldn’t do it without ’em! We wouldn’t be able to bring you this incredible content without the “lights, camera, action” of the studio! From in-house interviews, to on-site commercials, InfoHub Studios makes capturing good news possible.

Oh my gosh…yet another cool logo? Who is that? The logo to the right is our amazing sponsor, Consumer Energy Solutions (CES)! CES has been in Clearwater since 1999. Lead by the incredible CEO, Patrick J. Clouden who has always ensured that CES was a supporter of community betterment activities. CES is no joke when it comes to philanthropy, we could spend a really, really, REALLY long time telling you all about the community projects they have been a part of or…you can read about it here.

Okay, if you didn’t click that link, here are some photos from just a few of the community projects CES has been a part of! You can see how much fun it was, just look at all those smiling faces!

The Birth of The Warehouse

Inspired by the positive results of publicizing the good works CES has done in Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area, Patrick realized that many others in our community are also doing great, inspiring things to help others and improve conditions. He realized all the good works being done in the community needed to be put under one umbrella so that they could easily be found again, referred to, shared and used to elevate our community. So, he set about creating the Community Good News Warehouse website to do just that.

Our Promise

The Community Good News Warehouse promises to deliver only the best in good happenings around your community! We’ve made it our mission to create an alliance of good people coming together to create a great place to both live and work in. We’ll keep you apprised of the information that directly affects your quality of life! Tune in to the Community Good News Warehouse and be a part of what’s happening in the Tampa Bay!

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