CES was very happy to be part of a fantastic event in our downtown. A family-fun Drug-Free Youth Festival sponsored by the Foundation for a Drug Free World Florida Chapter brought many like-minded non-profit groups together to provide fun facts and activities to all the families and youth that attended.

Our Concerned Businessmen’s Association had a booth, providing a creative CRAFT of planting and decorating. The kids came to create a personal planter cup with stickers and markers and all the creative imagination they could muster, then they went over to the planting station where they filled their planter cups with wildflower seeds and planting soil!

The message, “Grow a happy life, without drugs!”

Any time that we can show up and help spread the message that a Drug-Free Life is the way to live, we are there!

For effective drug-education and to watch a full-length documentary, The Truth About Drugs…Real People Real Stories, or to request free materials for your drug education efforts, please visit: www.DrugFreeWorld.org

Should you wish for us to help you in your efforts, we would be happy to!

Just contact me: Lynn Posyton, LPosyton@CESstaff.com

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